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We have cake

Nobot Labs is a design firm with a passion for projects that make life better.


We work with individuals who consider themselves outside thinkers, inventors and innovators.  While others may call them crazy, we see genius and help them bring their ideas into the world by guiding them through the process from design to fulfilment.



Supkup is the last coffee sleeve you'll ever need.  It keeps your coffee hotter for longer all while never getting dirty.

SüpKüp is designed to hold a Starbucks hot grande and/or venti size to-go coffee cup and includes a mount for Apple AirTags so you'll never misplace your coffee again!

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Grande & Venti


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A wearable safe and readiness device that increases responsibility, safety and preparedness for hand gun owners within their domiciles.

X305 Collision Preventer

Alerts drivers to a potential collision with an automatic gate.  This device is ideal for apartment complexes and gated communities helping to keep their property safe from damage.

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